Monday, April 19, 2010

Oliver said MAMA!!

On April 9th, I had a few errands to run so I left Oliver with Donna. Brice's mom happened to stop by while I was gone. Long story short, they both heard Oliver say "mama, mama, mama" and they were very excited to tell me once I got home. My dad didn't believe that's what he was actually saying since he didn't hear it.
Fast forward to today, it's almost bedtime so I leave Oliver in my bedroom while I go fix his bottle. My dad came into the kitchen and told me to hurry because Oliver is getting cranky and hollering for me. I said how do you know he wants me? Maybe he wants you! He said "no, he's saying mama, and it's very clear, too!" My dad was just as excited as I was. Oliver will be 5 months old at the end of April. I just love him:)


bradleymod said...

How wonderful!! That's so sweet. Babies know always who mama is. Alexa has been saying it since about that age too. But when she does she calls for "My mama" it's cute.

Oliver is just a doll and seems to be doing awesome. It's obvious he's saying mama because you're doing a wonderful job Maryann! :)

Parrett Five said...

Love it!!!!

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Nat Dandridge said...

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